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Spaghetti Squash Surprise

Fall brings along some of the very best foods, mostly members of the squash family.  Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, and my personal favorite, pumpkin! Yum.  I’ve heard of spaghetti squash, and also thought it sounded intriguing.   
So, tonight I decided to try out this odd winter squash.  Tyler was scared… and I may have been a little also.  But the results were pure deliciousness!
Here’s what I did:
Washed a spaghetti squash, and cut it in half and scooped out the seeds.  I then brushed some garlic herb olive oil and sprinkled some pepper on the flesh side, then put the halves flesh side down on a foil lined baking sheet.  They then roasted in the 450 degree oven for about 35 minutes. 
While the squash cooled, I heated up Bertolli vodka sauce on the stove (our go-to super delicious sauce, even though it comes in a jar J).  Then I scooped out the flesh, which really truly did come out looking just like spaghetti!  I stirred it into the sauce, and mixed together.  We ate some edamame and farmer’s wheat bread from our favorite baker, Breadsmith. 
Now, Tyler and I (especially Tyler) do not watch calories or carbs.  But, if you do try to limit these, spaghetti squash would be an awesome alternative to pasta! It was a little crunchier than well-cooked pasta, but really all you can taste is the sauce.  I imagine you can eat it with any sauce you would typically pair with pasta.  It might even be better than pasta, especially if you have a delicious sauce you aren’t wanting to compete with the taste of the noodles(especially if you use whole wheat noodles like I tend to).
Give it a try with your favorite pasta sauce, and you just might, like me, be pleasantly surprised! Have a happy and safe Halloween, and until next time…

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Introduction to Real. Good. Fud.

I’ve decided to enter the 21st century.  I just ordered my first smart phone.  I learned, by starting this blog, what a ‘widget’ is.  So why start a blog?  To be quite honest, my number one reason is personal.  I think of interesting things, read or hear of neat information or an idea for a recipe… but in graduate school, most of my working memory is being used.  So, this blog will be a virtual extension to my working memory.  I can put ideas and results of recipes on here, so I can look back later and remember.  Like a scrapbook.  And, I need something to give my brain a break when sitting in front of a computer doing homework and research all day.

Reason number two is the hope that I can inspire someone.  If anyone actually cares to read this blog, maybe they will be inspired to make better decisions when eating.  Maybe instead of eating a chicken nugget, or some other “food-like substance” (as Michael Pollan calls it), they will try something new, something containing real food, that tastes good.  Maybe they will even learn something new.  I am no food expert, and most of what I practice is really simple, common sense.  But, it is one of those things that sometimes just has to be pointed out.  I’ve always had a weird thing about Twitter and the like, because I really don’t care about what Johnny is doing every second of the day, and I don’t expect anyone to care what I do either.  So, here is my own personal blog… if anyone is interested and wants to, it’s here to read.  If not, that’s perfectly fine tooJ

A brief introduction to what I plan to blog about…

Food.  Food that is real, and tastes good.  I love to learn about where our food comes from. Ever seen Food, Inc.?  I love to learn about health in general, including nutrition.  I love to cook, read recipes and cooking magazines and watch The Food Network and Cooking Channel.  And most of all, I love to eat good food!  More on the food topic in my next post.  This will be the main topic of this blog, although I will most likely not refrain from discussing:

Max and Daisy.  These are my two children, that they call miniature schnauzers.

Tyler.  My husband, marriage is great.

Books.  I love to read- of course about food. But also, about health in general.  A favorite author of mine is Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who works with some interesting cases.  His special interest is speech and language.

Anything else that interests me.  I love to learn, and will have to share my newfound knowledge with anyone who wants to read about it.

If you find yourself reading this blog, I would love feedback! What you liked, what you didn’t like, what I could do different or what you’d like to read about! This is an e-diary of sorts, but I want it to be here for you, the reader as well. Feel free to share with your friends and family alike, and let’s have fun discussing food and other joys of life!