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Busy Bodies

Grad school is intense… and working two jobs doesn’t help the matter any.  With that being said, there has not been a whole lot of extreme cooking going on at my house.  Therefore I will be sharing ideas on how to maintain a wholesome and delicious diet with limited time.

The first, most important thing to do is plan! Think about what you will eat this week, stock up, and prep.  That way, there will always be something available, and you won’t find yourself rushing through a drive-thru!  For example, wash and cut up lettuce, spinach, or other greens, onions, peppers, fruit, and whatever else you like on salads.  Make salad dressing Sunday night, or whenever you have a few free minutes.  Each night you can just throw all of these prepared things into a container and there is lunch for tomorrow.

Make extra.  When you do have time to cook something at home, make extra for leftovers!  Put the leftovers in individual glass containers to take for lunch the next day.  Simple!  And/or, freeze the leftovers.  When you are home, but don’t have time to cook something, just grab one of these ‘frozen dinners’ and warm it up.  Viola; a delicious, homemade dinner in no time!

What I’ve been doing a lot of lately is cooking lots of brown rice, and then using it throughout the week for meals.  Just mix in some fresh or frozen veggies, protein if desired, and some herbs/spices!  Here’s a few combo’s I’ve made:

Pasta with olive oil, peas and carrots, sautéed garlic and onions, tomatoes, pepper and tuna.  It’s like a quick, light tuna casserole!

Pasta with pesto and any vegetables.  For the pesto, just puree any fresh herb of choice (basil is the classic, in this picture I used parsley), garlic, pepper and any other spices, and olive oil.

Rice with sautéed onions and garlic, carrots, red peppers, leftover chicken and eggs.  Quick fried rice!

And don’t be afraid to have a dinner-sized salad! You can make about anything into a salad; even use leftover meat and veggies.

Plan ahead and be creative, and time will not get in your way of a real, good dinner!