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Food Waste Friday!

Have you heard of “Food Waste Friday”?  The Frugal Girl blogger began to post every Friday about what food she had to throw out that week.  The thought is that it’s a little embarrassing (especially when you have a ‘frugal’ blog like she) to show the world all of your waste.  Therefore, hopefully you will be encouraged to use up more food to avoid public humiliation.  She encourages other bloggers to do the same, and link the posts to hers.  Today is my first.  So here it goes: my food waste for this week:

Some black beans from quesadillas last week.  The in-laws were visiting last week, and their dog gets beef broth on her food; I had no use for the leftover.  The buttermilk I bought for pancakes last weekend; they were discounted because the expiration date was a couple of days after I bought it.

If you’re a blogger, feel free to jump on the bandwagon!  Just check out  The Frugal Girl‘s blog and we can all cut back on waste together!