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A Delicious Weekend

It all started with some more spaghetti squash on Friday.  I made a shrimp  and tomato sauce and mixed it with the squash.   The recipe was from Giada De Laurentiis, Shrimp Fra Diavolo. I followed this for the most part, of course adding the spaghetti squash.  This was pretty good, but not great.  For leftovers, I mixed this with a little vodka sauce, and it was excellent!
Saturday, we had some pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  Tyler thinks I eat too much pumpkin; he doesn’t love it as much as me.  I think you can never have too much pumpkin!  Before going to our favorite restaurant, Kai, we had a great day of hiking.  Now, let me brag for a moment- Max and Daisy have so much endurance it amazes me.  Friday they went for a 6 mile run with me.  So, I figured they’d be tired on Saturday.  Nope, they kept up during our entire 4.5 mile, difficult hike.  Once home, they were still running laps in the house.  Oh, and if you are a friend of his, ask Tyler about the GIANT spider that jumped on Daisy’s back…
Anyway, Kai is the most delicious amazingness… mmmmm.  I had the sweet potato soup, which was rich and creamy and sweet; it had dried apples on top.  We also had the Kai Tower, which if I remember correctly had cream cheese on the bottom, then layered mango, avocado and tuna.  They give you some homemade chips to dip in this.  It is so fresh and creamy!  Then we got our beautiful rolls.  Our favorite was the American Beauty:  a “shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna topped with cream cheese and crab”.  Doesn’t sound like anything too extraordinary, but it was the best I’ve had in this part of the country.  Next was Miami Vice.  This one was so amazing also.  “A deep fried roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado.”
And finally, Dante’s Peak (A.K.A. Volcano).  This one was literally on fire! Presentation was great, it was served in a giant clamshell with flames surrounding it.  “California roll topped with grilled scallop and crab”.  It was yummy, but not our favorite.  I think we prefer cold rolls…
If you think eating raw fish sounds less than appetizing, you just wait.  I once had that opinion.  If you would’ve told me a couple years ago I would be eating raw fish, served in a clamshell and on fire, I’d say you need to go back to the mental institution.  And here I am, raving about how much I love it.
Sunday was a lazy day for us.  I made Tyler’s favorite, meatloaf.  I have to admit, I really love my meatloaf also.  Nothing special; but I did use bison meat this time.  And, I usually add chopped carrots, but tried sweet potatoes.  I just mix that with some onions and garlic, oatmeal, an egg and a tiny bit of ketchup and spices (pepper, Blues Hog dry rub seasoning, oregano and sage).  Mix that all together and bake for about 40 minutes on 350 degrees, depending on the size.  This time, I made a few mini meatloaves instead of one big.  I just mold them into mounds and put on foil in a baking pan.  Oh, and I made some cranberry sauce for the topping! Yum.  With this, we had some acorn squash and broccoli, and our favorite bread.
I made some banana bread, and hummus.  I love hummus.  I’ve never made it before Sunday, and was a little afraid to do so.  But, it turned out better than store bought!
It tastes fresh, and you can add and change ingredients according to your taste preferences.  The recipe was from Dave Lieberman, and I followed it for the most part.  I just left out the salt and halved it.  Don’t be scared, it really is so easy! I think next time I may try to add some roasted red pepper and/or chipotles.
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